Article Spotlight: People-Centric Managers-The Brave New World

by admin on May 28, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


As the first dawns open on the post-pandemic world, business realities of remote working and recruiting, retention and growth challenges have come into full view. But for every birth of a new age, a new creation rises to meet the challenges of The Brave New World. People-centric managers are the new power brokers evolving to manage the relationship between the boardroom’s demands and the reality of remote working. Linked In’s Talent Blog highlights Josh Bersin’s contributions to the State of the Manager 2021 report available here.

The Reality on The Ground

Although the idea of remote work being here to stay is accepted by many CEO’s what that looks like to frontline workers is different across the board. “Younger employees tend to have the toughest time. They don’t have large homes. They’re often sharing apartments. Maybe they’re working from a table in the living room.” shares Bersin. “Companies need to come up with flexibility policies that reflect these different work conditions… Let managers weigh-in, but develop the policy at the divisional or corporate level.”

People-Centric Managers

“It’s made of people!” is how to look at post-pandemic businesses, and people have lives. People-centric managers are evolving to meet those needs. Bersin shares, “In a people-centered model, managers think of their jobs as caring about the well-being of their team and listening to their ideas. It’s the difference between the manager telling direct reports what to do and the manager asking direct reports what they need to succeed.”

Flexibility Strategies

Critical buy-ins are key. “The head of HR has to make sure that the CEO understands this issue, communicates it, and backs up words with action. Then senior leaders need to coach and support frontline managers.” says Bersin. He adds, “The day-to-day burden of what flexibility looks like falls on the manager. Good managers are sensitive to the different needs of different people. They accommodate their people as best as possible. That’s one of the characteristics of great leaders. A great leader lets people be themselves and lets them do their work the way they want to do it.”

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