2018 – A Retrospective View

by admin on December 25, 2018 in Dallas IT Recruiting


As we wind down 2018, join us as we look back at our favorite stories from each month.


The Dark side of the H1B Visa Program

With growing calls for H1-B visa reform and rebuilding the American IT workforce, the competition among foreign IT recruiters is growing vicious.



3 Years and Out

Loyalty still counts, but in the high-tech, IT world, where everything is changing all the time, staying at a job can look a lot like stagnation.



Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is an often-overlooked facet of finding a new job. But for all the responsibilities your new job will entail, but shouldn’t your compensation be as important to understand as your potential duties? 




Identifying the three characteristics that contribute to conscientiousness, “They feel important, enjoyable, and they accord with their values”, and how you interact with your work and your colleagues can contribute to your success in becoming better in your career.



5 Tips for Working with a Recruiter

As the job market heats up it is a great time to be a candidate. But just because the competition is high for skilled IT workers, don’t believe that the help of a qualified IT recruiter can be ignored. 



4 Ways to Coach the Uncoachable Employee

As you have progressed through your career, you may have invariably met coworkers, or managed some, who display some of the following traits, “lack desire for accountability, are inherently lazy, are extremely sensitive, do not take direction well, have no interest in upward mobility and repeatedly fail coaching efforts.” If you haven’t, should you ask yourself if you have ever displayed these traits?



3 Common Hiring Mistakes New Managers Should Avoid

Ms. Johnson goes on to conclude that “By investigating the emotional “job-to-be-done” of a new hire, as well as the actual job we need them to do, we become less likely to hire the wrong person for the wrong role, and more likely to hire a great person for a great role.” Great advice for making the right new hire the first time, no matter what amount of practice you get in your new managerial role.



Five Questions to Discover Your Dream Job

It is always easier to find something once you have defined what you are looking for. Following the sage advice of beginning with the end in mind, and here, defining the job you want before you start looking for one, will pay dividends far beyond what any matching 401k contribution may, even if it’s 100%.



The Coming Revolution in Software Development

Explicit programming is what most people imagine when they think about what programmers do – identify a problem then create a programming algorithm to solve that problem. Deep learning, however, is changing all of this.



The top IT certifications for a career in security.

Security breaches continued to grab headlines in 2018 at a staggering pace. The real losses, potential losses, and vigilance from both corporate and government entities are creating a lucrative, and important opportunities for staffing IT security professionals. What certifications are the most valuable to your career?



With App Developers in High Demand, How Do You Attract the Best?

When it comes to recruiting top app developers the competition is fierce. Of course, competitive compensation and attractive benefits packages are important. But to recruit the best talent, employers have to look beyond the basics.



Why Should You Use the Services of an IT Staffing Agency?

As social media and online hiring platforms have matured over the past 10 years as recruiting tools, why should you use the services of an IT staffing agency?

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