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Most lucrative communication skills for the IT professional.

June 21, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Communication Systems, Dallas IT Recruiting


Communication skills are as important to IT professionals as technical skills. Every department needs to have effective communications, but it is even more important for those of us in IT. Our department interacts directly with every other department in an organization. Beyond that we also have touchpoints with our customers, vendors and partners. Here are […]


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Powerful Resume

November 10, 2018 in Ask a Recruiter, Communication Systems, Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment


Hiring managers and recruiters report being overwhelmed with poorly written resumes. Resumes are the first filter to eliminate candidates, so it is vital that yours is powerfully written. Don’t allow your resume to eliminate you from consideration. These four do’s and don’ts will help you write a resume that gets you noticed for the right […]


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Complex Problem Solving

May 18, 2018 in Business Intelligence, Communication Systems


According to Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So what does it take to increase the complexity of our thinking? Tony Schwartz shares some insight leaders need to solve seemingly intractable problems. Too many leaders default to looking at decisions as either-or: The answer is […]


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The Benefits of Joint Application Design

February 17, 2017 in Business Intelligence, Communication Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, IT Integration, Services & Outsourcing, Technology


First of all, what is Joint Application Design (JAD)? JAD is the method of including key end-users in the design and development process of an application. This is done through workshops called JAD sessions. The thought behind this practice is to have an end product that is more satisfactory to the client by including them […]


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IT Integration for a Competitive Advantage

January 6, 2017 in Business Intelligence, Communication Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, IT Education, IT Integration, Services & Outsourcing, Technology


Information Technology (IT) has grown like a vine into every nook and cranny of businesses worldwide. Within the past decade it has worked its way into the very foundation of the modern industry. With integrating new IT into any organization carries many competitive advantages. However, getting the technology isn’t the end of the game. A […]


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Internal IT Performance Measures

December 9, 2016 in Business Intelligence, Communication Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, Employment, Services & Outsourcing, Technology


For an organization to determine a performance measurement, they must fully analyze the information given and collected from the targeted component. In many cases this process is used in employee evaluations, process evaluations, and strategy evaluations to help the organization determine whether or not the output meets the expectations set by the organization’s guidelines. In […]


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Society for Information Management Survey

November 4, 2016 in Business Intelligence, Communication Systems, Cybersecurity, News, Security and Compliance, Services & Outsourcing, Technology


The Society for Information Management (SIM), was founded in 1969 and has been highly regarded as the premier network for IT leadership. SIM is a community of thought leaders who share experiences and rich intellectual capital, and who explore future IT direction. ( The SIM survey was filled out by 1213 SIM members, which included […]


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