Creating a Recognition Program for Remote Workers

by admin on May 15, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


Out of sight out of mind? With more of your team working from home it’s easy to overlook recognizing them for a job well done. A solid recognition program that’s fairly administered promotes camaraderie and improves productivity. Employees who feel appreciated tend to outperform those who do not think they get recognized for their contributions.

With a distributed workforce the role of recognition is even more important. Employees who are recognized for their accomplishments are more motivated to do a great job. This provides them with a sense of empowerment where team members feel good about their contributions to the company. How do you structure an effective recognition program? Start with sincerity. Sincerity must be the backbone to your program. If you take a fake, it until you make it approach it will certainly backfire. Here are five easy-to-implement ideas to get you started.

Happy Birthday to You

There are different types of recognition. Most people are familiar with employee awards that recognize superstar performers. Those programs are important; however, most people will never be superstars and that doesn’t diminish their importance to the team. Your program should also include more egalitarian recognition efforts. One of my favorites is a $100 birthday bonus. Everyone from the CEO down gets the same bonus each year on their birthday. You can also extend this to include employment anniversaries.

Have a Drink on Me

Restaurant gift cards are a great way to motivate your team. Many restaurants now use e-gift cards which are perfect for sending to telecommuting staff.

Gone Fishing

Time is our most valuable commodity and who wouldn’t appreciate a little time off? It’s a great recognition tool and very easy to administer remotely.


Branded items like mugs, tee shirts, pens and other gadgets make great recognition gifts. They tell your employee that you appreciate them, and it can instill a since of pride and loyalty in them. This is particularly true for remote employees. It brings a little bit of the corporate office into their home office.

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

When we think about recognition programs, we often think of formal recognition like the items mentioned above. There’s another powerful way to recognize your staff in a more informal way. A sincere thank you is always appreciated.

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