Final Step

by admin on May 4, 2018 in Ask a Recruiter, Employment


When companies work through the lengthy and expensive hiring process there is one step that can impact the new hire even more than a tough recruitment process. Getting the right final step right is critical to launching a new hire in the right direction and begin seeing an ROI. Sonia Varkey offers some tips on how to let your new hire settle into their new role.

Assign a buddy. It helps to have someone they can go to who can help them understand work dynamics, but more so it gives them an instant co-worker they can rely on. This person can help them settle into their new space. Introducing them to the key people they will be working with in the departments will help them remember who to look for when they need to deal with them.

Lunch with the team. Take the new employee out for lunch with the team. This allows the team and the employee to get to know one another. Be sure to try and relate commonalities between the rest of the team. If you can’t go out, ordering lunch with the team in the cafeteria or board room works just as well.

Go over a list of job responsibilities. Likely they aren’t going to remember everything that was on the job description from when they applied. Spend the time going through what they new employee is responsible for and making sure they understand and are comfortable with the tasks at hand. Set up some starter goals and key projects to begin working on.

Give a strategic overview. This includes the team goals, company objectives, how the company is pacing and how they fit into the picture. Share some relevant history that will help the new employee understand where the company came from and why it’s going where it’s going.

Set up weekly follow up check ins. These touch points are a good way to see if they are understanding their responsibilities and if they have enough resources and support to do what they need.

Review any health and safety policies. Show them where the fire escape is and who they need to contact in case of an emergency. They are part of the building now and need to know how to be safe.

Have fun getting to know the new team member. You chose them because they matched the best to the role and the culture. The results of their personality assessment will give you a clear indication of how to interact with them.

Your corporate culture is as much a part of the job as the daily duties. Making certain new hires can integrate into the work environment can be a critical facet of getting the most out of your new hire. After all, the new hire is now also your colleague.