Finding Talent in a Tight Market

by admin on August 26, 2016 in Business Intelligence, Employment


Finding good talent when market conditions are not optimal is a tough job. In learning all you should do, we went straight to the source and interviewed two of BCT’s top recruiters, Terri and Diana. They gave great ideas and tips to both find a job and be found for a job in the tight market DFW is experiencing right now.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Q: What does it mean when people say a tight market?”

A: It means that more people are employed in the IT sector, leaving less depth in the talent pool. The fewer the candidates to choose from, the harder it is to locate one with the specific skills needed for the job requisition. When the market demand has risen, but the supply of qualified contenders has not, you run into the issue of supply and demand.

IT staffing professionals are tasked with finding the proper talent to support IT departments for major companies. This task gets increasingly more difficult in a ‘tight market’. Dallas IT staffing has experienced a surge in demand in Information Technology jobs over the past few years. With that demand, must come supply, and when demand is high, it can put a strain on resources. When resources are strained, recruiters in Dallas have to become more creative in finding skilled professionals when there are fewer qualified candidates from which to choose.

Q: What steps do you take when filling a job requisite, when it is challenging because there are not as many candidates?

A: The first step is to make sure that you completely query your personal network. Make sure that anyone you know in the industry, out of the industry, and anyone that they may know in the industry or out of the industry is explored. After that, you hit the social websites, job boards, and industry forums searching for the right fit.

Although it seems simple, many times we hear of candidates looking who haven’t put their resume online yet. Make sure that your name is out there and people know who you are and what you do. See that you are up to date on social media, such as LinkedIn, and have a resume posted on Monster and other forums that have to do with your skill set.

Q: Okay, so you’ve read all the resumes, cover letters and asked about references. The employer is asking for A,B,C,D requirements, yet you’re only finding candidates with A & B. What next?

A: This is where industry knowledge and transferable skills come into play. As an IT recruiter in Dallas, it’s your job to know the specific details of the job. It’s important to know what kinds of certification and training would be required to service the job duties. With that knowledge, you can cross reference certain job skills to see if they could fit the needs of the client.

As an IT professional, you will not have every certification, and further still, your expertise may be concentrated in a particular field. But that does not mean you don’t have the tools in order to transition into a new role. Sometimes it’s as simple as learning a different way, to apply a familiar task. Time should definitely be taken by you to research how your core skills could easily transfer to other job applications across the IT platform.

Q: What’s the most creative thing you’ve done in order to find a candidate, which didn’t involve putting a round peg in a square hole.

A: Those would be trade secrets and, furthermore, G12 classified. Period.
So there you have it. Even in a tight market, Dallas IT staffing is in full effect. So make sure you are networking to the fullest, are flexing social media wings, and know how your particular skills can be re-purposed for employment prosperity.