Future Presentation Technology

by Billy Bennett on April 28, 2016 in Business Intelligence


We’ve all seen the rate at which technology evolves. It seems like yesterday we were excited about the new Motorola Razr flip phone or the 1080p flat screen television. Now you can’t even hardly find them for sale used anymore. Technology has flooded the marketplace with the latest and greatest ever since the 80’s it seems like. What about presentation technologies?

The Future of Presentations

We already have the capabilities to communicate around the world in real time. Heck, we can even communicate with astronauts in the midst of their travels through space. We can stream video, voice, and even work collaboratively on the same application in a real time environment. What could possibly be next? What about 3 dimensional collaborative model sculpting? With everything we have available to us, why would that seem out of reach? Utilizing interconnectivity of motion sensing programs and even 3D printers, couldn’t we present the building of a project that would allow the key stakeholders to actively participate in the physical design of the product? Aside from holographically being present at a meeting, I feel as though something like this would be the next step.

Collaborative Media

I’m not sure if everyone remembers, but there was a time when Facebook didn’t exist. (joking) Social media was the product of what is called Web 2.0. Web 2.0 introduced collaborative media into our lives in such a way that we now would probably have a hard time imagining what we’d do if we couldn’t show everyone what we were eating at that exact moment, or reply to some political or religious comment with a confidence we don’t possess in the physical realm. Social media is a collaborative environment. It give us a platform to communicate, share, and work together. This can most definitely be used in the modern industry for presentations. The main thing you must be concerned about, is the personality altering capabilities that social media has on its seemingly faceless users.


I’ll leave you with this. I do feel as though the future has much in store for us, especially with presentation technology and collaborative media. Can you imagine going to an architects meeting and watching them build a three dimensional model of a building together from all around the globe at the same time? It would be phenomenal!  The drawback of using Social Media is the false sense of self confidence one gets when they feel anonymous. I don’t feel as though this would be too much of an issue in a professional environment, but sometimes autonomy takes precedence over one’s loyalty. There must be accountability.