In-Office Work or Work-From-Home

by admin on July 9, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Intelligence, Dallas IT Recruiting


Only six months ago, everyone knew all work would be done remotely. But in a few short months, a trend has emerged. Management is seeking more and more employees to report to offices. Perhaps seeing the success of vaccinations as a harbinger of things to come, a business as usual attitude is returning. But this isn’t gaining the momentum many foresaw. Instead, two camps have emerged – work from home or work in the office.

In-Office Work

In-office work is how it was all done before the pandemic. Long commutes, Keurig coffee, and floor-signed birthday cards were the norm. The upside? Control. There is still plenty of momentum that sees remote workers with a side-eye. Alternatively, many managers miss the office collaboration that can get lost over zoom. But even this thought has many wondering when their last excellent office confab had led to pure innovation.

Permanent Work From Home

A renaissance has happened across multiple industries once exposed to WFH. More productivity, fewer hassles, and a better deal in the work/life balance equation leave many wondering why they would ever go back to an office. Not to mention the pandemic isn’t over as more variants emerge and vaccination rates don’t meet CDC expectations.


Can a bargain be struck between the two camps? More companies are trying a hybrid approach where recruiting is remote from a vast talent pool, and in-office interaction is minimal. Only time will tell which will work, but this may be an equation whose solution is as unpredictable as its variables.

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