Job Spotlight: Software Architects

by admin on July 15, 2016 in Employment, Services & Outsourcing


At Business Centric Technology we work with many consultants and facilitate ongoing relationships by treating each candidate as a unique individual. Each person has a different goal, a different history and a unique approach to how they work. When looking at the Software Architect’s role we examine the complexity of the job versus the experience each candidate brings to the table. A profile of a Software Architect’s role is a great way to get to know this crucial part of the IT team and introduce potential job seekers to the exciting role and what one can expect to be doing.

Software development inside of very large projects is a multifaceted, multilevel development collaboration that requires a range of inputs from architecture guidance, to leading teams to produce thousands of lines of code. There is however, one position that encompasses each of these roles in modern software development, and that is of the Software Architect.

The title Software Architect may bring myriad images to mind regarding work product and work environment. Do you imagine leading multiple teams along a project timeline late into the night in a Google work environment? Maybe long hours supervising coders? The roles you can play as a Software Architect are typically defined by the project itself.


As a Software Architect, many of the tasks you will need to fill will be reflected by your level of experience in software development as well as what types of software you have experience with. Tracking software technology and technology trends is a critical skill necessary to be competitive for Software Architect positions.

Your ability to focus on the finest detail is as important as your ability to see and define the big picture for your development teams. Understanding different software languages, systems processes, infrastructure architectures and hard coding helps everyone on the team. Demands on your expertise will also extend into soft skills like mentoring and coaching, practicing leadership with your team for excellence.

The role of Software Architects can be complex and demands of the job can be varied. Business Centric Technology focuses on finding the right talent to match each job. We understand the complexity of this position and know that our candidates put their best foot forward and are prepared to shine in the company they are matched with.   Check out our job offerings and see if one fits you today.