Successful Salary and Benefit Negotiations

by admin on May 10, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


Last month we talked about the two phases of interviews and when to bring up compensation click here . Now that you’ve cleared all of the hurdles presented in phase one it is finally time to discuss compensation with your new employer. How do you negotiate a solid package for yourself?

The first thing is to recognize is that successful negotiations should not resemble a corporate battlefield. Forget about the imagery of a hard-nosed negotiator twisting arms and pushing buttons to arrive at a hard bargain. This does not result in a deal. It ends in a zero-sum game with a clear winner and loser. For a relationship to be fruitful you both have to win, otherwise, someone will soon become dissatisfied. Your objective and the employer’s objective need to be aligned, with the ultimate goal of striking a deal that benefits everyone equivalently. Keeping this in mind, here are three keys to landing a good deal.

Do Your Homework

Before you bring up salary make sure you have done your research. What are typical salaries for the position you are hoping to land? What are your salary requirements and how does that compare to industry averages?

Money Isn’t Everything

It is important to look past salary alone to understand the full value of an offer. You should take a holistic approach to negotiations and find a total package that fits your lifestyle goals. A few things to consider are:

Health Club Memberships
Public Transportation Reimbursement
Tuition Reimbursement
Phone Allowance

Click here for more creative benefit ideas .

Accepting a Lowball Salary

You’ve done your homework and know what a good salary range is for your position. So what do you do if the employer lowballs the salary? You’ve considered your total compensation package and realize that money isn’t everything, but you still have to make a living. If you aren’t able to reach a reasonable agreement on pay it is often best to walk away now before this leads to mutual dissatisfaction down the road.

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