Three Unorthodox, But Effective Recruiting Strategies.

by admin on June 14, 2019 in Dallas IT Recruiting, Services & Outsourcing


Recruiting top IT professionals in today’s market is very competitive. It is increasingly difficult for employers to stand out and attract top talent. Traditional recruiting strategies are not likely to vanish, but perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit. Blending a few creative strategies into the mix could help you take your recruiting game to the next level. Here are three ideas to get you on your way.

Social Recruiting

Too many employers post the same old boring recruitment ads to their social media outlets. If you are guilty of this, stop. By being more strategically creative you can stand out from the crowd, find better-qualified recruits, and enhance your brand. There are countless ways to do this. What is important is that you align your strategy with your company.

A great example of this is how a Dallas, TX development firm used social media to make them a desired employer. Rather than use the platforms to try to sell their services or post help-wanted signs, they took to the web to broadcast a peek inside of their culture. Every post was culture related. Some were about birthdays, others about company trips, group dinners, etc. Over time they got a large following of IT professionals and recruiting became much easier.

Social Interviews

When working in a team environment, group dynamics are as important to the team’s success as talent. Most hiring managers are quite adept at identifying prospects with the right technical skills and background. Finding a candidate who fits in well with the team is a bit trickier. A strategy you may consider is the social interview. After assessing a candidate’s hard skills set up a social interview with the candidate, supervisor, and a few coworkers. Keep it casual so you can see how the candidate interacts with the team on a personal level.


Filtering through non-qualified applicants can be an exorbitant waste of time. A tech company devised a clever plan to cut through the clutter and attract qualified candidates. How did they do that? By playing games. They created a series of puzzles which were directly related to the type of problems their employees are tasked with solving. They promoted the puzzles with a reward of a $100 gift card to anyone who successfully solves a puzzle. In the end, a lot of potential candidates were happy, and $100 richer, while the recruiters had a very targeted list of recruits.

These are just three ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Take a good look at your company, its culture, and your current strategies. Then look for creative ways to augment your current strategies while staying true to your corporate culture.

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