Top 3 reasons Companies are Moving to the Cloud

by admin on December 1, 2017 in Business Intelligence


Consumers have been making the move to the cloud for years. Gone are the days when computer memory was sold by the megabyte and immediate upgrades to RAM was the norm. Although personal computing devices offering Terabyte on-device storage is common, most people store their data in the cloud. Many reputable companies now offer large capacity storage for free, with even more capacity available for an annual fee or usage-based fees. Business is starting to catch up with this trend realizing that cloud-based storage and information management offer capabilities that in-house infrastructure could not.  Below are the top three reasons companies are adopting cloud-based solutions according to a recent report.

Capital-Expenditure Free

Think about the last time you heard the term “mainframe” outside a classic science fiction movie? Gone are the rooms dedicated to hard copy backups be they paper, tape, disc or removable drive. Cloud computing cuts the high cost of hardware and the personnel to maintain them. Businesses can use a subscription-based model that eases cash flow. Often, setup and maintenance of the information are handled by the cloud itself, lowering a business’s IT costs.

Increased Collaboration & document control

In the cloud, teams can access, edit and share documents anywhere and anytime enable them to do more work at higher quality. With so many chefs in the kitchen controlling versions of documents and editorial oversight becomes critical. Not only can shared documents and versions be more tightly controlled, they can be worked on literally around the clock and across the globe. Because the cloud is “everywhere” contributors and works from anywhere.


Industrial & State espionage & sabotage relies on people being human. Lost, stolen & unattended laptops are a billion-dollar business problem. Often the financial loss of a laptop pales in comparison to the financial loss of the data it contained, or the illicit access to other IT infrastructure containing valuable information. Worse, there is a multi-million dollar ransomware market for business information that history proves people are willing to pay. Moving into the cloud offers extra layers of security that help owners sleep at night, instead of worrying about the data on the laptop of the employee who is always misplacing their keys.

Moving into cloud-based computing and information services isn’t just for storing and sharing your vacation pics anymore. Businesses that move into cloud computing are gaining an edge on their competitors by being more efficient and cost-effective, bringing to bear their entire workforce as a single collaborative entity that is working around the world and around the clock. Can your business do that?