Top 5 Resume Tips

by admin on November 10, 2017 in Employment


Just like changes to hiring in the IT industry has changed over the years, what recruiters want to see in IT resumes has also changed. Until AI bots figure out the perfect resume, there is still time to tweak and improve yours to catch the ever-increasing wave of demand in IT. Below are the top 5 resume tips from Diana Gomez – recruiting specialist of Business Centric Technology.

  1. Recruiters will ALWAYS differ on what should and should not be included on a resume:  Expect to tweak your resume accordingly for every recruiter/job…best way to do this is to have one good base resume that is easily adjustable. It’s always easier, to begin with a beefy resume of all your skills and take away what isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for. Adding to a resume, instead of taking away, can lead down a path of unintentional fictionalization of your hard skills – and recruiters can see this.
  2. Send a resume that speaks to the job you want:  No one can read minds, so don’t expect a recruiter to know what you can or cannot do if it is not clearly stated on your resume.  Read the job description.  If key elements of the description are not in your resume highlight that skill where appropriate.
  3. Be clear with dates:  if you put year-to-year for employment history, it makes it difficult for recruiters to determine if you have 1 year of experience, 6 months or less.  Include the month and year for each employer.  Otherwise, a recruiter may assume you are hiding something, and that’s hard to undo.
  4. Steer clear from fancy fonts: Stick to Times New Roman or Arial, or if you’re feeling especially saucy, Calibri – should you really ever type in Helvetica? Similarly, unless you are applying for a Graphic Artist position, recruiters don’t want to see pie charts, scales/grids, and graphs.  Keep your background white and your fonts in black.  The simpler the better.
  5. Hobbies:  It’s great that you have hobbies, but unless they relate to your technical skills, we probably are not interested in the fact that you fly kites on the weekend. However, if the kite is part of a flying global Wi-Fi antennae, then that would be an IT resume highlight, and really cool.

Regardless of where your career path takes you, periodic resume work can keep you appraised of the skills you have. Working on your resume is often top of the “next action” list when you are ready for a change so periodic management is only a positive move.