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Volatility in the job market comes with the territory. However, things are looking strong for certain markets, especially in IT. In a recent review of the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, forecaster Daniel Greenspan offers some conclusions. The top three jobs in the IT forecast are featured below.

IT Security Specialist

According to the article, an IT security specialist is looking at a particularly bright future. The article adds these facts,

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 33% (much faster than average)†
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 47,100 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $104,000

According to Greenspan, “Security will remain a top concern for IT executives and hiring managers as the frequency, scope, and complexity of cyber attacks continues to escalate. Year after year, IT executives report actively seeking professionals with information security skills, but finding it difficult to locate good talent. This indicates an incredible opportunity for technology professionals to advance their cyber security skills and certifications. Computer security skills in the greatest demand include IT operations security, secure web and mobile application development, risk management, information assurance, network security, and cloud security.”

Mobile Application Developer

If you are like most people, you experience the internet primarily through your mobile device. The article states, 

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 22% (much faster than avg.)†
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 409,500 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $107,000

Additionally, “Mobile application development is one of the world’s fastest growing occupations. As smart phones and tablets continue to change the way we communicate, do business, and access news & entertainment, the demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing at an incredible speed. This increased demand translates to one of the largest IT skills gaps ever realized – there are simply more mobile application development job openings than skilled developers to fill them. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch) platforms will continue to offer the most career opportunities for mobile developers.”

Software Engineer

Nothing runs without the code to make it happen. Facts from the article include;

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 19% (much faster than avg.)†
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 354,000 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $108,000

Greenspan concludes, “Workforce demand for software engineers will rise along with technological advancement and the growing ubiquity of software. For example, the rapid adoption of cloud technologies is driving demand for applications software engineers who can build secure and scalable cloud programs. Likewise, as the proliferation of computer systems continues and software spreads into new industries and smart devices, the need to develop the computer systems that power these initiatives will create jobs for systems software engineers.”

Ups and downs in any industry are to be expected, but the outlook for IT professionals remains strong. So when your IT career needs a boost, or you are searching for qualified IT professionals, contact our experts at BCT.

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