10 Top Paying Jobs for IT Professionals

by admin on April 12, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment, IT Education


The opportunities for IT professionals is constantly expanding and changing. To call the market dynamic would be an understatement. Exploring the top ten paying jobs for 2019, one notices that several of these job titles didn’t even exist in the not-too-distant past. Here are the ten IT jobs offering the highest compensation. For now, anyway. In a fast-moving sector, expect fast changes.

Big Data Professional – $150k

Big data has fundamentally changed how business uses information. Never before has so much information been available, and it is expanding every minute. Big data managers and analysts take advantage of the vast amount of granular data to deliver specific and actionable analysis to businesses. This has arguably had the most substantial impact on business practices we have seen in the past 20 years. Despite being a relatively new field, big data commands big compensation with the average salary standing at $155k.

Software Engineering Manager – $150k

Software engineering managers are responsible for all aspects of software development from planning to delivery. Since successful professional must have strong managerial, communication, and technical skills, they can command high salaries.

DevOps – $135k

The world moves fast, and DevOps was created to improve the time from development to implementation of IT solutions. This integrated approach between developers and operators ensures that projects are more closely aligned with business objectives and are delivered rapidly. This is very important to business, and the mean salary of $142k reflects just how important.

Data Security – $140k

After many high-profile security breaches in recent times, it is no surprise that data security professionals are highly sought after. A single attack could result in catastrophic consequences. Consequently, data security analysts and managers are among the highest paid IT professionals, pulling in an average of $140k.

App Developer – $137k

A dozen years ago Mobile App Development was in its infancy, and there were not a lot of jobs in the field. Today it ranks as one of the highest paying jobs for IT professionals at an average of $137k. The field is growing and expected to continue expanding.

Applications Architect – $135k

Applications architects assess organizations objectives, goals, assets, and tools to develop overarching tech strategies. They create new applications, utilize existing ones, and modify existing apps to effectively and efficiently align tech solutions with organizational goals.

Wi-Fi Network Engineer – $130k

Demand for wireless network engineers has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and that is expected to continue. With 5G and software-defined networking just around the corner, more organizations will turn to Wireless LAN solutions, the outlook for these professionals is strong.

Web Developer – $125k

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development jobs are expected to increase by close to 20% over the next six years. Currently, senior developers are in demand and earn upwards of $125k.

Network Security – $125k

Everything from banking to national security relies heavily on secure networks. There is no doubt that bad actors will continue to seek out and exploit vulnerabilities. This translates to growth and opportunities to dedicated network security professionals. Current median salaries hover around $125k, and that is expected to experience solid growth for the foreseeable future.

Hardware Engineer – $119k

The ever-increasingly connected world has created growth opportunities for hardware engineers. Aside from computers, systems, and other obvious devices, engineers also design components and processors for everything from cars to refrigerators to running shoes.

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