A Gold Rush in the new Silicon Valley

by admin on February 5, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


There’s no secret that an exodus of Californians are leaving the coast for the wilds of Texas. Any Texan can tell you why it’s great to live here. Say what you will about bumper stickers asking, “Not to California my Texas” there is no doubt about a gold rush in the new Silicon Valley in Dallas, Texas. Weather, traffic, aside, there is plenty to like about Dallas. But when you work in IT, your old buddy Benjamin Franklin has the last laugh. According to Austin-based tech company Spanning Cloud Apps LLC, Dallas ranks 4th for the pay advantage in tech occupations versus all occupations.

High Paying IT Jobs

How is the ranking calculated? In a nutshell, having an IT gig in Dallas versus any other gig earns you about 127% over the median salary of non-IT jobs. With remote working becoming more mainstream in the foreseeable future and information technology at the forefront of keeping people connected, there is plenty of steam in this train. How can you, an IT worker, capitalize on being an in-demand commodity? Work with Business Centric Technology and get in front of the right recruiter. With BCT, you can find more than another gig. You can find the perfect fit with the right firm in the career you love. Get more than a gig. Fulfill your calling with the right connection with BCT.

There is a gold rush in the new Silicon Valley in Dallas, Texas. Connect with BCT and get the career you want today!