Battling Age Discrimination In The Hiring Process

by admin on September 28, 2018 in Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment


A 2017 AARP survey found nearly two-thirds of workers ages 55 to 64 say their age is a barrier to getting a job. While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act is designed to protect older workers from bias, it may not protect everyone looking for a job. Patrick Button, an assistant professor of economics at Tulane University, co-authored a study that found older women are least likely to hear back from potential employers.

Having a variety of age demographics in the workplace strengthens the business as a whole. Jeff Zinser, the founder of Right Recruiting, tells Business News Daily, “A diverse workforce gives more points of view and insight into both your customers, vendors and regular workforce. The perspective of a 60-year-old with grown children can provide insight, the perspective of an ambitious 30-year-old can remind a more senior team of things that they forgot over the decades. Both are to be cherished.”

As an employer, how do you eliminate age discrimination in the hiring process? The Harvard Business Review suggests reworking job descriptions to eliminate stereotypically gendered words. Words like “competitive” and “determined” tend to draw more male applicants while women are more likely to apply for jobs described as “collaborative” and “cooperative. Software programs can also help level the playing field by not showing the applicant’s name. For applicants hoping to look younger on their resumes, experts recommending freshening up the language to project energy and speed. That means using shorter phrases and paragraphs, writing in active voice and getting rid of the words “is” and “was” to increase writing energy and precision.

There is good news for older workers – economists predict there will be a big shortage of skilled workers to fill all the jobs available in the coming years, which means more opportunities to stay working beyond the age of 65.

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