Rededication and What to Leave Behind

by admin on January 5, 2018 in Communication Systems, Employment


Before the last piece of confetti has fallen after New Year’s celebrations, the mind turns towards New Year’s Resolutions. But before considering adding a laundry list of To-Do’s to your new 2018 calendar, consider that a rededication can begin with what to leave behind. Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, you can make a clean start in your career by leaving some of the old you in the ash pile. Here you will find three of the easiest fresh start moves you can make to add a new shine to the new you at work.

    1. If it doesn’t fly, it falls. Did your relaxed work environment inspire a tendency toward bad habits instead of taking the edge off of a busy work schedule? As people become comfortable in their work environment and enjoy the people they work with, it’s easy to fall into comfortable ruts that often go unnoticed, until you are speaking to HR. This includes lingering too long and wasting time in the break room or maybe too much visiting – especially when there are hard projects to get rolling. Nobody likes doing hard things, but you can keep your edge if you avoid falling into traps of comfort. You won’t lose your nose by putting it to the grindstone, there will be plenty of time for relaxing when you hit your goals.
    2. To build the Great Wall, lay a great brick. Oftentimes large projects can be daunting even to the staunchest professionals. But the secret to conquering large tasks is breaking them into digestible pieces. As Shel Silverstein notes how to eat a whale – one bite at a time.
    3. Find a mentor. Finding a mentor and being a mentor is something people often forget. Often you can reach out to colleagues who have skills and professionalism worth modeling. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on productivity – you only have to copy successfully until their good habits are your good habits. This isn’t an advocacy of syncophy – you must pass on what you have learned because successful colleagues pull each other up.


No matter what your goals for 2018 are, you can always make progress by leaving what doesn’t work behind. Toss out your bad habits with the old 2017 cat calendars and you will be on the right path.