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Each year at the holiday season there is a chance to express gratitude by giving back to the community. This year BCT selected two DFW charities to support, the North Texas Food Bank and The Salvation Army Angel Tree.

The goal of the food bank is ambitious but necessary. In their own words:

“The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a top-ranked nonprofit relief organization, providing access to more than 190,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families through a network of more than 1,000 programs and 200 Partner Agencies in our 13-county service area.”

This year BCT personnel collected over 50 pounds of food to the North Texas Food Bank helping to fill a dire need in the North Texas community along with many other donors.

Also this year, boys and girls were selected from The Salvation Army Angel Tree. Selected children are from families identified as in need by The Salvation Army, whose wish list is filled by generous donors and returned to the Angel Tree in time for Christmas Eve. This year 8 boys and girls got their Christmas lists filled by BCT personnel in time for Christmas.

As the New Year commences remember that gratitude can be expressed by giving back, be it material or time, the key is to give.

After all, “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” – Bob Hope