Emerging Hiring Trends for 2022

by admin on January 7, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


Hiring in 2022 will continue to be a challenge, requiring HR departments to increase their ability to acquire and onboard more efficiently than ever. Some points from Roy Maurer’s article from SHRM.org are below, but you can see the full article here.

Challenges Related to the Pandemic

Similar pandemic-related challenges include “health and safety concerns; COVID-19 vaccination mandates; and whether jobs are fully remote, onsite or something in between.” Says Amber Ferrari from Jobvite, “Organizations will lose talent if they don’t adapt to candidate and employee expectations around these issues…Recruiters have had candidates turn down offers specifically because there wasn’t flexibility built into the offer. Some form of flexibility is becoming less of a perk and more of a real expectation.”

Candidate Expectations

According to the article, Kerry Gilliam, vice president of marketing at Jobvite, says, “Practitioners are telling me that companies are having to pay significantly more for the same roles. And candidates are very educated about their market value…Flexibility and child care support are becoming an expectation from employers.” Also, according to Maurer’s article, “As for benefits, the traditional offerings are still most commonly asked about by candidates, including health care coverage and a 401(k), but new benefits are rising in popularity, such as family planning, child care, and parental leave.”

Recruiter Nation Survey Takeaway

From the article, “Agility is the key factor in successful recruiting, according to the annual Recruiter Nation survey of over 800 U.S.-based recruiting professionals conducted by talent acquisition software company Jobvite…”Things have been changing so quickly, and we’re finding that recruiters are becoming more adaptable to labor market trends,” said Kerry Gilliam, vice president of marketing at Jobvite.” Also, “But where there’s great challenge, she said, there’s also great opportunity: “Hiring teams are using more external workers, looking at different sourcing channels and rethinking requirements for roles. If companies can invest in their hiring teams and rethink their employee value proposition, it is a great opportunity.”

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