Four Reasons You Should Engage an IT Recruiting Firm

by admin on August 21, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Recruiting and hiring new team members can be a time-consuming endeavor that can be a large resource drag on a company. There is no doubt that you need top talent when it comes to hiring IT professionals. An IT recruiting firm can help you attract, recruit, hire and onboard top talent. They can also save you a lot of money and headaches along the way. Here are the top four reasons you should engage an IT recruiting firm.

Larger Talent Pool

Did you know that most top IT talent are not actively looking for a career change? IT recruiting firms spend a lot of time and resources building a deep network of top-level IT professionals. They are able to reach out to this network directly and increase your recruiting reach beyond just advertisements and employee referrals. The larger your pool, the more likely you are to find that employee who is just right for the job.

Retention, Retention, Retention

While most managers are acutely aware of the costs involved with hiring and onboarding a new IT professional, many are not familiar with the costs of hiring the wrong person. According to the Society for Human Resources Management a bad hire can cost as much as five times the annual salary of the mismatched staffer. In other words, hiring the wrong person to fill a $100k position may cost your company upwards of $500k. Here are several tangible and intangible costs associated with poor retention.

Tangible Costs

Loss of productivity from a vacant position.
Loss of productivity while training a replacement.
Costs of freelancers or overtime to bridge the gap.
Time processing employees exit (payroll, exit interview, etc.)
Lost customers due to understaffing.
Potential severance pay.
Potential unemployment benefits.
Recruiting costs (advertising, interviewing, drug testing, responding to candidates, etc.)
Relocation expenses.
Employee orientation costs.
Time processing new employees for payroll, benefits, etc.

Intangible Costs

Damage to your company’s reputation.
Decreased morale.
Decreased productivity.
Higher turnover.
Eroded teamwork.
Loss of a former employee’s network.

A professional IT staffing firm can help you reduce turnover ergo greatly reducing your costs. Their hiring process includes thorough skills analysis, background checks, and intensive vetting.

Time is Money

Recruiting can be challenging for businesses. When you are locked into trying to find your next employee you may not have enough time to focus on other critical parts of the business. Working with a reputable recruiter can free up your time so you can keep the business running.

It’s not just your time that is valuable. Your team members may also be impacted. If you had an unexpected vacancy it is likely that your other employees are having to shoulder the workload until the position is filled. This could result in excessive overtime, lower morale, and decreased quality. A recruiter can help you fill your vacancy faster, and even provide you with temporary staffing during the process.

Compensation Expertise

Salaries and total compensation packages are a moving target in the IT industry. It is likely that things have changed substantially since the last time you filled a particular position. Your IT recruiting firm has their fingers always on the compensation pulse of the industry. They know exactly what is being offered and what is being expected. This information is invaluable in attracting the right talent at the right price.

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