Global Talent Trends

by admin on January 21, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Report found here illuminates changes in how people view work and what they expect from their jobs. With uncertainty being the prime characteristic of daily life, a global re-evaluation of values has come about. So what’s the primary trend? People now want to know how to fit work into their personal lives. Work/Life balance has toppled. Instead, people see their jobs as another item on their daily to-do list, with grocery shopping, dog walking, and organizing a sock drawer.

Who You Are Isn’t What You Do for a Living

From the article, “We’re seeing people wanting much more flexibility so that they can fit work into their personal lives,” says Mary Alice

Vujicic, the CHRO of Thomson Reuters, “as opposed to fitting

their personal lives into work.” Adds Claude Silver, the chief heart officer at VaynerMedia: “We have been all about work-life balance. We are waking up to a collective aha moment. This is backward. It should be

life-work balance.”

There’s No Place Like Home

Casual Friday is as dead as dot-matrix printing. Also, from the report, “A 2021 survey by LinkedIn of what matters most to job seekers around the world found that the No. 1 employee value proposition is good work-life (all right, life-work) balance, followed by excellent compensation and benefits. Gone are the days when companies could lead with perks

— think ping-pong tables and endless snacks — designed to make the office a home away from home. Today, forward-thinking organizations work with employees to make home an office away from the office.”

The Writing on the Wall

Businesses that want to succeed will change. From the report, “For companies to attract, retain, and grow the talent that will bring them sustained success, they need to fine-tune — or overhaul — their culture to meet the expectations of professionals to be seen as human beings first.” How long will companies take to understand this paradigm shift? Only time will tell.

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