How Many Jobs are in IT?

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According to a recent article in Computerworld, IT is experiencing record-low unemployment. So when you are ready to make an IT career change, contact the experts at Business Centric Technology. Highlights from the article follow below.

Great Numbers

According to the article by authors Lucas Mearian and Galen Gruman, “The IT job market size grew by 17,000 jobs in April, according to new data from IT employment consultancy Janco Associates. Over the past three months, 43,200 Jobs have been added to IT Job Market, a pace of expansion exceeding 2021, the firm stated in its latest research post. In 2021, 213,100 jobs were added to the IT Job Market. That replaced the jobs lost during the pandemic, but it also expanded the growth to a level that exceeded the pre-pandemic levels. (Janco bases its information on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics — the BLS).”

More Growth Ahead?

The article continues, “In interviews with CIOs and HR professionals, Janco has found that hiring IT professionals are at a record high level. This, even with inflation and the specter of a possible economic downturn,” Janco stated. “All signs point to that growth continuing.” However, while all IT jobs lost during the pandemic have been recovered, the hiring of IT professionals is now being hindered by a lack of qualified individuals, according to the latest statistics. The April monthly tech jobs report released by the CompTIA industry association showed the tech industry added 12,300 jobs from February to March 2022. Software developers (3,613) and systems engineers/architects (3,126) led the pack in terms of new positions available.”

Who’s Most In-Demand?

According to CompTIA, “software developers and engineers are the most sought-after positions companies need to fill, with more than 115,000 job postings across the US. IT support specialists, IT project managers, systems engineers and architects, and network engineers and architects are also in high demand. “By all accounts, this was an exceptionally strong start to the year for tech employment,” said Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA. “The arms race in recruiting and retaining tech talent undoubtedly challenges employers in direct and indirect ways.” The article continues, “The already tight labor market just became even tighter as competition for tech talent reaches near-record levels,” Herbert said in a statement. “For any employer relying on the old hiring playbook, it’s time to rethink approaches to recruiting and retention.”

As IT hiring trends continue to exceed pandemic losses, it’s a great time to make a significant career move. If your IT career needs new life, contact the experts at BCT to help you get the career of your dreams.

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