How to Change Career Paths in IT

by admin on December 29, 2017 in Employment, IT Education, News


New Year, New You. Rather, about to be a New Year, so it’s time to get the New You ready. Taking a close examination of one’s life at year’s end, especially careers is a common ritual held all over the world. But whether you are currently a dog catcher, lion tamer, or IT guru there are a few critical steps to follow when you are considering a career change. Below you will find the top three important tips for making sound steps towards a career change in IT.

1. Take an honest look at your career options inside and parallel to your current career. Sometimes when your IT career seems stuck, it may simply be that the potential for growth inside your current career path has stalled, or you have reached the top. Consider that a lateral move although subtle may offer larger potentials for long-term growth, including an expansion in your essential skillset. Anytime you can expand your skillset, you increase your value to any potential employer.

2. Network with someone already working in the industry you want to transition into. As expansive as the IT universe is, there is bound to be a professional group willing to share insider information on their day to day experiences. With every up, there is a down, and you really need to understand the ins and outs if you want to change career paths.

3. Make an honest assessment of the gaps in your current skillset, and seek extra training as needed. For every new position you will have to redo your resume, so why not add the skills likely employers are looking for. This also coincides with tip #2. If you talk to the people who are already in this industry, you can get a clear picture of your personal investment in expanding your hard and soft skill set.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained is an old and reassuring adage. Be ready to get the skills and make the honest assessments of self and where you want to go to be sure you are making a wise investment. With the right personal investment, you can make your transition into a new field very rewarding. Remember, it’s the height that makes the mountain.