Interview Tips Not to Miss

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on December 9, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting, Uncategorized


Although technology has made posting jobs and applications easier, a few soft interviewing skills remain true. So here are a few pro tips for making your next interview go smoothly so you can talk about your greatest strength – you!


Being on time says a lot about your professionalism. Beyond being late enough to miss your appointment, tardiness shows poorly on your organizational skills. So remember to be on time or even a bit earlier. Can your interviewer be late? As much a slip-up in the protocol as it can be, you are applying for a job, not them. So be on time.

Do Your Research

As hard as AI recruiting tools filter candidates, landing an interview is a real win. So it is a good practice to do your research on the company you want to work for. Knowing what they do, if they’re international, and where you believe you fit into their system are only a few examples of professional preparedness. Doing your homework can pay off.

Be Polite

Although formal civility from Downton Abby may be over the top, it never hurts to be polite. Manners matter, especially if you don’t want to be remembered poorly. Timeliness, cordiality, what you say, and how you say it can leave a positive impression about you. Even if you don’t get the job, being remembered as a well-mannered person never hurts anyone, so go the extra mile.

Landing an interview can be challenging, but remembering the basics of interview etiquette can leave a positive impression that could pay off. So brush up on your soft skills to focus on being a great fit.

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