Is Temp-to-Hire Right for Your Company?

by admin on February 28, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting, Employment


Temp-to-hire can be advantageous for both employers and candidates alike. Both sides get to try it before they buy it. In essence a company recruits talent on a temporary or contract basis, usually for a specified period of time. This process allows both the employee and employer to go for a test spin before committing to a more permanent hire and the costs associated with that. This week I am concentrating on the benefits of a temp-to-hire strategy for employers. Next week we’ll take a look at the other side of the coin. Here are a few reasons temp-to-hire may be right for your company.

Try It Before You Buy It

It happens to even the best of hiring managers. You’ve reviewed your prospect’s skills, qualifications and background and everything is in order. They aced every stage of interviews, so you hired them – only to find out a few months later that this is a bad fit. A temp-to-hire program can be a powerful tool to help you avoid the risk of hiring staff who aren’t a good fit for your team. You get to experience your potential new team member on-the-job and assess not only their performance, but also how they fit into the team dynamics and corporate culture.

Control Costs of Benefits

Employment laws regarding temporary employment status vary from state to state and you should refer to your state’s specific legislation. Generally speaking, you may realize significant cost savings on benefits with your temp-to-hire program. Unemployment insurance, paid time off, health care, retirement, etc. may be greatly reduced while you are assessing potential full-time team members. Check with your HR department and local state laws to determine specific savings.

Increased Morale

Once you’ve decided to offer your candidate a full-time position you’ve had ample opportunity to see how they fit into the overall group dynamics of your team. Hiring and promoting team members who complement each other and work well together fosters good morale. Your new employee will feel good about their work environment, and your existing staff will appreciate that you went the extra mile to find them a solid colleague.

Temp-to-hire can be a great strategy for most companies, particularly if you are going through a growth phase. Often hiring managers find themselves under the gun to fill empty seats to keep up with the expanding workflow. This can lead to hiring mistakes that can have long-lasting repercussions. TTH allows you to fill the seats and keep the work flowing while reducing your risks of making a bad hiring decision. Next week we’ll look at the benefits of TTH for employees.

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