Lessons on Employee Well-Being

by admin on February 4, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


It’s no secret that employee retention is more challenging than ever, but Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s first well-being officer, shares some tips in this article from LinkedIn by Phyllis Furman. Below is a summary of some of her suggestions that may help you improve your employee culture and strengthen retention.

What’s Broken?

Although most employees have experienced unique challenges since the pandemic, a few stand out: burnout, feelings of isolation, and stress-related physical problems. Repercussions of these symptoms manifest as employee turnover and lost productivity. Also, from the article, “A survey by the American Psychological Association found that rising stress levels are contributing to the Great Reshuffle, with more than two in five employees saying that they plan to leave their jobs in the next year, up from one in three in 2019.”

On a Mission for Change

Jen Fisher has her work cut out for her. Fisher shares in the article, “The person who stays up all night is not only hurting themselves and their own health, but the risk to the organization is huge,…If you want a high performing workforce, you need a workforce that’s taking care of itself.” The message for change starts at the top, with bosses demonstrating self-care and ensuring that message is shared through the ranks. At Deloitte, there’s also room in the day for employee wellness. From the article, “At Deloitte, employees can design their workdays to include well-being activities at the hours that make sense for them, whether it’s an exercise class, an afternoon nap, or something else meaningful to them.”

Time Worth More Than Money

Reflected in the article and repeated in LinkedIn data, employees want a life-work balance. “Deloitte has a robust paid time off program that includes vacation days, as well as paid mental health days. In addition, the organization, along with a growing number of employers, shuts down its offices periodically for a company-wide time off. The goal is to encourage workers to fully detach themselves from the stresses of work.” according to the article.

How has your company culture shifted to address the increasing pressure on employees? Has there been a shift at all? As more people leave and re-enter the workforce across industries, this is the perfect time to reassess workplace culture and rediscover how employees are the company’s mainline resource.

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