Raise? Promotion? Here’s How To Ask For One

by admin on February 12, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


The thought of asking for a raise or promotion can be very stressful for most employees. The key to reducing stress and improving the outcome is to be prepared. There are four areas you should focus on during your preparation. First, you must know if your employer is in a financial position to grant your request. Secondly, determine if you deserve a raise or promotion. Then plan your request at an appropriate time. Finally, be prepared to hear “No.”

Know the Company’s Economic Health

It’s prudent to have a good understanding of your employer’s financial stability. Asking for a raise or promotion when your company is struggling financially isn’t likely to go well. Unhealthy financials may also be a signal that you should begin looking for another employer.

Have You Earned It?

A critical self-assessment is vital before asking for a raise or promotion. Look at your performance both from your point of view and your employer’s. Use open-ended questions to dig deeply into why you deserve a raise or promotion. Here are a few to consider.

What have I contributed over the past year?

  • How specifically have I grown professionally since being hired or last promoted?
  • What do I offer that others in my same position do not?
  • What training or education have I completed that makes me more valuable?
  • How does my performance compare with my peers?
  • How does my compensation compare to similar positions in other companies?

Ask at the Right Time

A poorly timed request can derail a request quickly. Consider both the company and your boss when timing your request. When your company lands a new contract, has a stellar quarter, or enjoys other good news is a great time. Similarly, look for good opportunities to approach your boss. Perhaps she won an industry award or had better than expected results on a project. Aligning good timing between your company and your boss can help you seal the right deal.

Be Prepared for Denial

What will you do if your request is rejected? Think through this before you meet with your employer and be prepared. Rejection can be humiliating and trigger an emotional response. By preparing to hear “no” you can better control your emotions and remain professional. A rejection can be an opportunity to ask for coaching and advice on how you can improve. It can also be an opportunity to begin searching for employment elsewhere. The most important thing is that you think about what your course of action will be in the event of denial.

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