When Hiring IT Professionals, Speed Is Key

by admin on February 5, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


The American job market is tightening. Nowhere is that more evident than with IT professionals. The IT market is compounded with the fact that it is also moving, and changing, at breakneck speeds. This means that employers are being forced to compete with each other at an entirely new level when it comes to hiring top talent. Not only because the market is changing and expanding rapidly. Top talent now expects offers to come quickly. As they say, if you snooze you lose. How do you successfully adapt your recruiting and hiring to this new reality?

Get Candidates in The Door Quickly

It’s an employees’ market. IT recruiters will tell you that the top IT professionals are in huge demand. Don’t think that the candidate you are going after doesn’t have a few, or even several other employers wooing them as well. If you wait too long to get them in for an interview or wait too long to schedule follow up interviews, it is likely that they will be snatched up by your competition.

When You Find The Right Candidate Hire Them

Gone are the good old days when you could find a great candidate and put them in your back pocket while you scoured the talent pool just to make sure you couldn’t find someone even more perfect for your position. You are a pro, and you have to trust your experience and judgment. When you find the person who you think hits all of the marks, hire them before someone else does.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Sometimes despite your best efforts and intentions you just can’t move ahead as quickly as you’d like. Your best strategy here is to stay in close contact with your candidate and keep them fully informed about what is going on from your side. With transparency and a little luck, you may be able to keep them on the hook.

As the market gets faster you have to step on your accelerator to stay ahead of your competitors and meet the expectations of top talent. If you don’t speed up, someone is going to pass you, or pass on you.

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