Rise of the Citizen Developer

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on February 10, 2023 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting, Uncategorized


The days of IT professionals’ dominance of the app creation market may be coming to an end. The confluence of overwhelming demand and the proliferation of low-code software has triggered the rise of the citizen developer. But instead of directly competing with app software companies, citizen developers have become an almost limitless asset that’s leveling the playing field and creating a flood of new business tools.

App Demand is Outpacing Development

The demand for mobile apps is outpacing development from IT departments across the globe. That creates demand for niche developers, those with years of training in the app and software development tools, process automation, and low-code platforms. Likewise, demand for mobile applications from business users is outpacing supply. When market demand outstrips supply, traditional market rules apply. But, since even financial nature abhors a vacuum, citizen developers rise to fill the production gap.


But demand isn’t the only thing that’s outstripping the supply from professional IT companies. There is also a significant skills gap. According to a recent article by alpha software, “Over 40% of organizations report suffering from a skills gap when it comes to app development.” Add a headwind in company bureaucracy to this gap, and you get a recipe for app projects to miss the mark.

Low Code Software for Getting Things Done

There’s a big difference between a home chef and a citizen developer, but not regarding tools. Suites of low-code software are bridging the gap between what business app users want and delivering a low-code solution. And, like much of IT, who’s doing the coding is also changing. According to a recent University of Alabama Birmingham Information Systems Program report;

  • Most citizen developers are between the ages of 18 – 29.
  • They prefer in-person communications over email or phone communications.
  • They work on projects that serve 5-25 users and fulfill a niche need for the business.
  • Almost 80% of leading companies (pacesetters) use citizen developers.

Catch the Wave

Pacesetter companies are riding the wave of the citizen developer into new oceans of success. Although trends tend to break small and expand into mainline software companies, they may have to reevaluate their competitive ranking by the time they catch up. With easy-to-use low-code software, it may not be long until Citizen Developer becomes an IT certification.

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