Sector Shifts in Skills-Based Hiring

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on April 7, 2023 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting, Uncategorized


In the tech sector, a significant shift is taking place in how employers are looking to hire candidates. Rather than relying solely on credentials such as educational background or previously held positions, employers are increasingly emphasizing skills-based hiring. This practice involves assessing each potential candidate’s relevant skills and qualifications rather than just looking at a resume.

Wage Shift

This shift in hiring practices is having an impact on the wages of tech workers. Because employers are now more likely to hire someone based on their skills rather than just their credentials, they can pay a fair wage for the job they will do. This benefits employers and employees as it ensures that people are paid a fair wage for the work they can do, and that employers only pay people for what they contribute.

Specialized Skills

The growth of skills-based hiring also allows more individuals with specialized skills to find employment opportunities in the tech world. Rather than relying solely on traditional college degrees and certifications, those who have been able to hone their skills in a particular area can now find employers willing to pay for those talents. This is particularly beneficial for people from marginalized or underrepresented backgrounds, who may not have had access to traditional education but can still demonstrate their capabilities through specialized skills-based hiring.

The Path Forward

The future of tech worker wages will continue to be shaped by the growing use of skills-based hiring. As employers increasingly recognize the value of assessing potential employees on their actual capabilities, they will be more inclined to pay wages that truly reflect the worth of each individual. This ensures a fairer wage for tech workers and employers are getting the most out of their investment in any given employee.

The evolution of skills-based hiring and commensurate recalibration of tech worker wages widens the gates for worker participation. The more workers in the field, the better companies can right-size their hiring to get the necessary skills. Could this be a win-win for tech workers and companies? Although it may be too early to tell, things look good.

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