State of Software Engineers Report – Key Findings

by admin on April 19, 2021 in Business Trends, News


State of Software Engineers Report – Key Findings 2021

The best of all worlds is when your passion for your IT career matches the latest hiring trends. Recently acquired by Vettery, Hired’s State of Software Engineers Report reveals the latest trends that will shape the industry through 2021. Software engineers and IT recruiters can ride the key findings to success throughout this year and prepare for the road ahead. Notes from the report’s key findings are below.

Redux.js, Google Cloud, AWS, React.js, Go, Scala

Redux.js is the highest in-demand software skill today, landing nearly three times the interview requests as other software skills. Still, others like Google Could, AWS, and React.js land just over two and a half times the interview requests on average. Programming languages like Go and Scala saw slightly over twice the number of interview requests on average.

Backend, Full Stack, and Frontend

Software engineers for backend, full stack, and frontend are still enjoying all software engineers’ highest demand. Demands for each create more than half of all interview requests for software engineers. There is nothing that indicates this trend will change in the near term.

Hubs vs. Remote Workers

Commonly knows tech hubs in the United States, Canada and London saw small but sustained growth through 2020 up to 7% in Toronto. Small market software engineers were more likely to receive competitive remote work offers but received higher compensation for remote versus local work. Additionally, remote workers were 54% more productive.

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