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The State of IT Hiring: Talent Shortages and Opportunities

June 28, 2024 in Dallas IT Recruiting


IT jobs in Dallas are hot right now! Companies are looking for tech experts to help them grow and innovate. But here’s the problem: there aren’t enough qualified people to fill all the open positions. Let’s look at what’s happening in the Dallas tech job market. Finding Tech Talent is Tough Dallas is a hot […]


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The Rise of Remote Work in Dallas

February 9, 2024 in IT Education


The times when IT jobs meant sitting at a desk all day are over. Now, Dallas’s tech businesses are all for working from anywhere. It’s pretty straightforward: folks enjoy being able to work flexibly, and the companies are spotting all sorts of advantages. They’re cutting down on how much office space they need and can […]


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Article Spotlight Surging Covid-19 Puts an End to Projected Return-to-Office Dates

January 14, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Earlier in 2021, many major companies announced plans for a mandatory return to the office, even disincentivizing remote work. But as described in the WSJ article Surging Covid-19 Puts an End to Projected Return-to-Office Dates by Peter Grant, a new strategy is required. Article highlights follow. Lessons Learned There’s a fundamental problem setting deadlines around […]


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