Talent Development Starts at the Top

by admin on September 10, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting, Technology


Talent development in the age of covid is the first offspring of the pandemic that pays generational results. With the right strategy, a company can attract and retain talent and survive succession issues like retirements, acquisitions, and focus shifts along the way. BCT can help.

C-Suite Buy-In

As powerful as front-line leadership can be for going “over the top,” company-wide policy needs c-suite buy-in. The age of disposable personnel is over, making retention paramount. Buy-in from the top floor to create a sustainable talent development program is crucial when top-floor personnel start shifting focus, duties or retiring.

Sustainable Strategy

The best talent development strategies become part of the overall success plan. Once it’s a core business process, talent development becomes a sustainable strategy. Retirements, outside acquisitions, and simple market shifts can be profoundly disruptive. But companies can protect their business processes because they have invested in their personnel.

Long-Term Results

Money is only one of the constellations of compensation modern employees value. People want meaningful careers doing what they love. People understand more than ever that a job isn’t about trading time for money but trading life. The right talent development strategy delivers long-term results as a competent core of employees steeped in successful and resilient business practices.

Talent development starts at the top. Once the c-suite buys in, everything else can fall easily into place and payout long-term. Consult the experts at BCT to deliver talent development strategies for your business.

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