Thanksgiving and a Healthy Career

by admin on November 22, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


It’s that time of year when we gather with family and loved ones to express our gratitude for our good fortune. Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition in America, and a wonderful one at that. When we think of the holiday, we get images of big family feasts, football, and the beginning of the holiday season. We also pause to reflect on our lives and give thanks. We may even take a moment to be thankful for our careers, but beyond that what does Thanksgiving have to do with your career?

The short answer is you hopefully got four days of R&R to recharge your batteries. The long answer is that gratitude can have a positive impact on your business success. Expressing gratitude may even be one of the most powerful tools in your box. It certainly is one of the most efficient as it costs nothing and yields tremendous benefits. Here are five benefits, solid benefits of being thankful.

Mental Well-being

Simply being thankful can yield positive results in reducing negative thoughts and emotions. According to recent studies gratitude effectively reduces envy, regret, and depression.

Physical Well-being

The positive mental effects of gratitude are pretty obvious. But how does it affect your physical well-being? According to a 2012 study, grateful people report feeling healthier than their less grateful counterparts. The study concluded that they are more likely to exercise regularly and stay on top of their regular doctor visits.

Performance Boost

According to the “Journal of Applied Sport Psychology” increased gratitude leads to improved self-esteem, therefore improving performance.

Opens Doors

Psychologists have said that people who are openly grateful tend to have larger spheres of influence and more reliable networks. A simple thank you can open up new doors for your career.

Improves Morale

Recognizing and thanking your team is essential to building stronger bonds and a sense of trust among the members. Look for opportunities to thank people for their contributions. Most of these will be easy to spot, but don’t neglect thanking people who often go overlooked – the person who cleans your office at night, or the maintenance guy who fixed that squeaky wheel on your chair. A little thanks goes a long way toward improved morale.

As you can see, Thanksgiving can have a lot of influence in your career. This year I challenge you to extend Thanksgiving from the family dining room into the conference room.

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