The Big, Bad Wolf at The Door – Burnout

by admin on October 29, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Believe it or not, something is stalking three-quarters of employees. It’s the big, bad wolf at the door – burnout. A picture is emerging that one root cause of the Great Resignation is not simply an exploding job market but an exhausted workforce pushed to their limits. For some, the only answer is to shrug and walk away. But is there a way to get far enough in front of burnout to prevent the walkout? Kathryn Mayer offers some tips in her article referenced below.

Who’s Affected

According to the Mayer article, “Research finds that burnout plagues about three-quarters of employees, fueled by the pandemic and related factors including increased workloads, working longer hours, isolation and taking little to no time off. And although taking aim at burnout has been vital over the course of COVID-19, the importance is growing as scores of employees look to leave for new jobs as the talent market rebounds. Many workers cite burnout as a reason they are looking to leave their jobs.”

Start Talking

The article also cites Noreen O’Prey, at Koa Health, who says, “Our CEO [recently] said in a meeting, ‘We need to take care of ourselves. I know when my mental health is affecting me, I don’t sleep very well. We are very open about this, and we feel we need to be. Because otherwise, we’re going to get to a stage when people don’t want to talk to us about the levels of pressure they’re under; they will burn out.”

Offer the Right Help

According to Mayer, acknowledging burnout in your organization opens the “ask for help” dialog, so it’s critical to offer the right help. “Mental health benefits and programs, as well as benefits that take direct aim at common pain points that affect employees’ mental health—like caregiving support, financial wellness programs and more—can be beneficial, experts say.” 

When there’s a wolf at the door, don’t open it. Then, employers have an opportunity to adjust their culture towards the holistic care of their workforce. Employees are a competitive advantage in every industry – take care of them.

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