Top Careers in AI and Machine Learning in 2024

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on April 26, 2024 in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dallas IT Recruiting


Exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is like jumping into the future. These cool tech areas are making big changes in how we live and work. By 2024, there are some amazing jobs waiting for people who love tech. Let’s check out the top careers in AI and machine learning in 2024, what you need to get started, and how much you could earn.

AI and Machine Learning Engineer

We have AI and Machine Learning Engineers. These tech pros are like teachers for computers, helping them learn how to think and make decisions on their own. They work on super exciting projects in fields like health, banking, and even making cars that drive themselves. To get into this field, you’ll need to know a lot about computers and coding. The right certificate in AI or ML can help you stand out. On average, AI and ML Engineers can earn around $142,846 a year, based on Glassdoor, making it one of the IT careers that pay the most.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are like detectives for data. They dig through loads of information to find hidden clues that can help businesses make smart choices. Their work is super important for making AI and ML smarter. If you’re good at spotting patterns and love solving puzzles, this could be the job for you. Getting certified in data analysis or a similar area can boost your chances of landing a great job. Data Scientists can make about $124,216 per year, showing that careers in AI are not just exciting but also well-paying.

Robotics Engineer

Imagine making robots that can help out in factories, hospitals, or even at home. That’s what Robotics Engineers do. They combine AI with engineering to create robots that can do tasks usually done by people. This job is perfect for those who like building things and coming up with creative solutions. A degree in engineering plus a certificate in robotics can get you started. Robotics Engineers earn, on average, about $113,233 a year, based on Indeed, proving that tech jobs can be both fun and financially rewarding.

AI Research Scientist

AI Research Scientists are the pioneers of the AI world. They explore new ideas and new ways for machines to learn and understand the world. This job is great for people who are super curious and love pushing the limits of what’s possible. A strong background in tech, a PhD in computer science or AI, and the right certificates can open doors in this field. Based on ZipRecruiter, AI Research Scientists can earn an average of $122,738 a year.

Looking into the top careers in AI and machine learning in 2024 shows us a world full of opportunities for those ready to dive into tech. Whether you want to teach computers, solve data puzzles, build robots, or discover new tech breakthroughs, there’s a place for you. Getting the right education and certificates is key to landing these cool jobs. With salaries like these, IT careers, especially careers in AI, are not just about doing what you love but also about earning well while doing it. So, if you’re thinking about your future in tech, now’s the time to prepare for an exciting journey in AI and ML.

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