Use the Holiday Season to Boost Your Career

by admin on December 20, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting, Networking, Technology


Tis the season to give your career a little boost before we head into the new year. Here are five ways you can use holiday parties, a friendly get-together, and that much needed time off to assist your career.

Update Your Career Plan

I’m a big advocate for keeping your career plan current. Updating your plan twice per year is usually adequate unless you had some major changes that are best updated immediately. I update mine around July 4 and then again around Christmas. Anchoring updates to the holidays makes it easier to remember, and the time off allows sufficient time to focus. Remember to set clear objectives and make sure your strategy and tactics are tied directly to your objectives. If you are considering a career change in the coming year, it’s also a good idea to evaluate the market and your options.

Network at the Office Party

The office holiday party is a good opportunity to network. It may be one of the few times you have access to senior managers, executives, and leaders from different departments of your company. Do make certain you talk with these influential people. Don’t be heavy handed. Think of it like a soft elevator pitch – intentional, brief, and never pushy.

Rekindle Old Friendships

The holidays are the perfect occasion to meet up with old friends and colleagues you may not have seen in some time. Keep your network tight – ask that old friend out for a drink, a cup of coffee, or lunch.

Make a List and Check It Twice

A Christmas card list, that is. A thoughtful card is a great touchpoint with everyone in your network. Update your list with new colleagues and contacts you made this year.

Read a Book

Take advantage of a few days away from the office to catch up on your reading. While career-oriented books are an obvious choice, don’t neglect picking up that novel you’ve been putting off. Reading it could be relaxing and rejuvenate you for the new year.

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