Why Should You Use the Services of an IT Staffing Agency?

by admin on December 3, 2018 in Dallas IT Recruiting


As social media and online hiring platforms have matured over the past 10 years as recruiting tools, why should you use the services of an IT staffing agency? Beyond filling cubicles, staffing professionals provide key insight into your market, save you a tremendous amount of time, and help you achieve cyclical staffing flexibilities. While social media can provide you with applicant flow, an IT staffing professional is a trusted advisor who helps you successfully navigate current market conditions and anticipate upcoming trends. Here are four things you should expect from your staffing consultant.

Vetted, Qualified Candidate

Employers often expend a lot of resources on applicant flow. From advertisements and job postings to filtering through unsolicited resumes. A better approach is to focus on candidates rather than applicants. A good consultant will have developed a large network and deep reach, including many under the radar candidates. This coupled with their insight and assistance filtering applicants and turning them into candidates can save you valuable in-house resources.

Market Intelligence

What are current market salaries and benefits? What difficulties does our industry face in terms of recruiting? What are our competitors doing? What does the candidate pool look like in coming years? I could think of dozens of more questions, but you get the idea. The best agencies are trusted advisors to their clients. Their expertise helps employers maneuver through the tricky spots and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Time Constraints

There are two primary time constraints that your staffing professional should be able to help you with. First, as mentioned above, they should greatly reduce the resources you are dedicating to vetting applicants and turning them into candidates. In addition to that, employers also need to move quickly to fill vacancies or expansion. Your agency’s network will allow you to move quickly to the interviewing process, and ultimately fill positions faster.

Cyclical Flexibility

Many employers need temporary staffing to shore up peak seasons, cyclical fluctuations, or short-term projects. Managing temporary staffing needs in-house can be a daunting process. Often employers tell us that in order to manage this they would need to also hire a team of temporary recruiters since these peaks and valleys are infrequent. A solid staffing agency can help balance these spikes by providing temporary, and even short notice staffing.

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