Article Spotlight: Returning to the Office

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on April 1, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


As the U.S. enters what feels like a post-covid period, more and more people are opting to return to the office. In the article How You Can Fulfill Your Employees’ Expectations of Returning to the Office, from Inc., Cassie Whitlock explores how to manage the change. Some highlights are below.

Workplace vs. The Home Office – Is it a Contest?

There’s no putting the work-from-home genie back in the bottle. Yes, home is a safe space you can’t replicate in a cubicle, no matter how tasty the coffee is. Whitlock contends, “Unfortunately for companies paying for office space, the results are in — and people are happy and successful working from home. It’s going to be tough to persuade them to consider the alternatives…The home office is the ultimate safe space. The commute is short, you spend the day just steps away from your own kitchen and bathroom, and you can work from the sofa in your sweatpants if you want.” However, connections with fellow employees for collaboration and camaraderie fall short over Zoom.

The Future is Flexibility

The pandemic tipped the work-life balance into a life where work happened alongside everything else. But, Whitlock continues, “As much as anything else, people want to keep their flexibility as more offices and workspaces begin to open…people enjoyed having more availability for doctor appointments, spending time with loved ones, playing with pets and addressing whatever needs arose. Managing their own schedules was a big part of it — 80 percent of office workers said they had greater flexibility in determining their own work hours…With wide-scale office returns looming once again, people are reluctant to give up that freedom.”

So is There a New “New Normal?”

There is a lot that company HR leaders can do to navigate and define the new normal in their company. Whitlock concludes, “That’s not to say that office life doesn’t need to adapt. Company and HR leaders should learn how employees best function, recognize the desire for flexibility, and create hybrid work models that serve those needs. This will empower people to be their best and contribute significantly to the company, while at the same time expanding recruiting pools and bringing new talent to the business.”

Only time will tell whether this is a post-pandemic period or a post-surprised by the pandemic period. But flexibility and thinking beyond cubicle walls will enable businesses to meet new challenges and adapt.

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