Sustained 2022 Hiring Trends

by Business Centric Technology (BCT) on March 25, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Each year business thought leaders make their predictions about which recruiting trends will dominate the coming year. 2022 is no different. Forbes made their predictions in their article, Hiring And Recruitment Trends To Expect In 2022. So let’s see which have stayed strong through the first quarter of 2022.

Attracting Candidates By Offering Remote Work

From the article, “According to McKinsey & Company, the pandemic drastically accelerated the transition to remote and hybrid work. While this transition has not been smooth, many organizations have found that remote work benefits the company and its employees. This discovery gave way to another recruiting trend — a renewed focus on the employee experience…Specifically, some businesses offer candidates remote working opportunities to entice them to accept a position with the organization. Many professionals prefer working from home as it eliminates the need to commute. Offering remote work benefits employers as it can be a key deciding factor for candidates that have received multiple employment offers. In addition, remote work can increase employee morale and satisfaction.” This prediction can be labeled accurate.

Increase In Proactively Engaging Candidates Early

Creating an early positive impression with recruits has also emerged in 2022. From the article, “Perhaps the most unusual of the emerging hiring trends is that many companies are now proactively engaging candidates. While this has long been a common practice when filling C-suite executive vacancies, it was rarely used when hiring for entry-level positions. Companies adopt proactive engagement strategies because passive recruiting is not nearly as effective as it has been. This ineffectiveness can be attributed to the labor skills gap…Now, proactive human resources staff reach out to applicants early and often during the hiring process. They attempt to build a relationship with these candidates to drive them to pursue employment with their organization instead of competitors. Look for this trend to continue as the available talent pool begins to catch up with the demand for skilled labor.”

Use Of Advanced Screening Tools

From the article, “Next up on our list of emerging recruiting trends is the use of advanced screening tools. While skills tests and other evaluation tools have been around for decades, quite a few organizations still screen candidates by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. While these tactics certainly have their merits, they do not provide quantifiable data about candidates’ skills and abilities…Skills tests allow employers to screen candidates more effectively and shorten the hiring process. Streamlining has become essential as companies are racing to offer employment opportunities to quality candidates before they find a position elsewhere. Skills tests are also useful for ruling out underqualified individuals…In addition to skills tests, some businesses are implementing behavioral assessments as part of their screening process. Behavioral assessments provide insight into an applicant’s core attributes, such as having a strong work ethic and motivation.” Although tech can do a lot of things, this one is a miss based on the current levels of staffing shortages and flat unemployment trends. If advanced tools are working, it hasn’t returned quantifiable data. Also, behavioral tests? Creepy.

Find the rest of Forbes’ predictions through the introductory link to the original article by Eric Friedman. Recruiting and hiring have become complex topics with no quick answers. Trust the IT recruiting experts at BCT to guide your business through these uncertain times.

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