Do You Have an Optimal Workplace Organization?

by admin on February 25, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


A recent HBR article asks What’s the Optimal Workplace for Your Organization? by Maria Roche and Andy Wu. Below are some of their recommendations and thought processes for assessing your organization.

No One Right Answer

From the article, “As we reach the two-year mark of the pandemic, now is the right time for many leaders to rethink how and where their employees work and collaborate. Should businesses call employees back into the office or leave them working remotely? Is it time to try out a new way of working all together? Lost in the ongoing debate, particularly in the popular media, is a simple insight: There is no one right answer because managers need to tailor their working environment to the business needs of their organization. This decision can be tough: recent surveys find that what employees think works best for them may limit the potential of the business as a whole.”

Rethinking Everything

They continue, “Our research suggests that managers need to account for two key organizational features to identify their most effective working model: size and growth orientation. Depending on where an organization falls on those two dimensions, we recommend that managers implement one of four stylized working configurations: a stand-alone office or campus, hybrid with flexible space, coworking environment, or fully remote. Each has benefits when it comes to two difficult trade-offs: collaborative creativity versus individual productivity, and the agility to change and expand versus coordination.”

Large or Small

They conclude, “On the one hand, large enterprises have access to a rich base of expertise and talent right at home, but the challenges can arise from coordinating that activity at scale. On the other hand, a small business can be nimble and agile, but there is a much smaller pool of knowledge to draw on. With the right workplace that plays on your strengths and addresses your weaknesses, however, a smaller business can position itself to grow into a large enterprise and a large enterprise can stay agile like a smaller startup.” 

Striking a balance between growth orientation, agility, and efficiency is something every business will have to master to succeed. Having the right recruiting options can make your organizational changes more meaningful. BCT has the answers you are looking for.


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