Seeing Past The Great Resignation

by admin on February 18, 2022 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


Although signs point to tapering, The Great Resignation is still going strong. Despite the panic this has created in talent acquisition, it has opened a new opportunity for employers and recruiters to explore hiring and retention practices. Roy Maurer, in an article for SHRM, explains.

Challenges Remain

Says Jennifer Shappley, vice president of global talent acquisition at LinkedIn, “2022 will pose its own challenges, but the market gives us in recruiting a fantastic chance to refresh our message and go out there and highlight the reasons we work at the companies we do…This could be a once-in-a-career situation where talent acquisition is so central to the business’s success and TA leaders can step more into that business leader role.” odd Bavol, president, and CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions, a nationwide staffing firm based in Newark, Del., says of 

What Do Workers Want?

Seeing work as an integral part of their lives, workers want a seamless and unobtrusive spot for work like all the other competitors for their time. Shappley continues, “Recruiters must make sure that in their outreach, in their job postings, in interviews with candidates, that they are very attuned to what is top of mind for those candidates…We’re seeing a significant increase in views and applies for job ads that mention flexibility and work culture.”


Says Johnny Campbell, CEO of Dublin-based SocialTalent, “For the roles that allow it, hybrid working will continue to spread its roots in 2022…Workers are craving flexibility, in all its forms. There is a lot of work and structure involved in getting flexibility to function, but it’s better to plan with this in mind and stay ahead of the curve. Talent is demanding it.” Shappley continues, “And employers know this: There was an 83 percent increase in job posts mentioning flexibility in 2021 over 2019, according to LinkedIn, and 343 percent more mentions of flexibility in company posts during that time. For their part, recruiters need to know the ins and outs of their company’s flexible work policies and how the organization supports remote and hybrid workers.”

As 2022 rolls on, the hiring and retention challenges continue. But employers are moving into a pre-emptive rather than reactive role. Although challenges remain, there finally seems light at the end of the tunnel for pandemic-induced societal changes around work/life balance. The more balanced and engaged employers become with new hires and existing employees, the less challenging their retention and recruiting issues are.

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