Getting The Most From Your Staffing Agency

by admin on November 13, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


At some point, you are going to need help. But if the last thing you want to add to your workload is interviewing, a staffing agency can be the next best thing to your own well-developed H.R. manager. Hiring a staffing agency can be a one-stop-shop to find the right hire. Getting the most from your staffing agency means getting your ducks in order before your search begins. Luckily, there is one all-encompassing question that will help you answer all the rest. “What job do I need to get done?” The more detailed your answer, the better. Just like how people buy a drill because they want a hole, what exactly will your new hire be doing?

Staffing Agency

Once you answer honestly about what you need, the easy work begins. Knowing what you need means you can narrow your request to your staffing agency and maybe switch agencies if required. A clearer picture of what your new hire will be doing can give you information on what your hire’s salary expectations will be. This information can give you an early indicator of how costly your search will be in time and real dollars. As more information comes to light, you will better evaluate alternatives like hiring and retraining from within your organization or rethinking the position entirely. No matter how many turns your hiring process takes, your staffing agency can make quick work of finding the missing piece to your puzzle. A clear understanding of your requirements communicated to your staffing agency can make your next hire easy.

Getting the most from your staffing agency starts with understanding exactly what you are looking for in a new hire. Let BCT help you find the missing piece to your business puzzle.