How Are You Attracting Talent

by admin on December 25, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


In the heyday of IT, top-tier jobs could command salaries with quite a few figures in front of the decimal. But as time has told, money isn’t everything, especially in 2020. Hiring managers are acutely aware of the pain-points in the hiring company. Each day that goes by without the right personnel can create downstream consequences in growth and profitability. Finding the right hire is more than about money. Today, it takes a fundamental understanding of how work/life balance has changed and what people value in compensation. Enjoying a large salary while completely alienated from downtime doesn’t seem good for long. BCT understands what your company needs and what top-tier talent needs to make a change. How are you attracting talent?

The Magic Touch

Finding the right hire is a two-fold art that BCT has mastered. Hiring managers, owners, and team leaders understand the pinch-points in their workflow. Understanding who they need may be easy. The challenge is how to entice that person into the business. BCT not only understands how to interview a new hire for your business but knows what your business needs to offer to get the right person. Maybe your perfect hire doesn’t mind working long hours but needs strict autonomy? What if your ideal candidate responds better to generous leave packages than a higher salary? It isn’t easy to understand these factors from an IT resume. But when you partner with BCT, they can find a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

How are you attracting talent? BCT helps you find the person you want by understanding what your perfect hire needs to make a move. Find the right teammate with BCT.