Onboarding Remote Workers

by admin on January 22, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


New hires have plenty of hurdles to jump just getting hired, but a difficult integration period can make a new hire jump ship. The added challenges of remote working, or worse, a blended remote/in-office schedule can wreak havoc on new hires blending with their team. What is the secret to successfully onboarding remote workers? Employers must give new hires plenty of opportunities to connect to their teammates, especially veteran employees.

Remote Onboarding

Challenging times like these may be the perfect time to revisit the classic model of modern onboarding – mentorship. Of course, everyone has seen their business role expand during the pandemic. Still, asking veteran hires, especially team leaders, to take a new hire under their wing is no longer unusual. Close mentorship doesn’t mean babysitting, but having enough contact to see how business gets done. Successful integration shows up as contributions to the team by the new hires. Early successful contributions can help your new hires put down roots and grow in your company. Never underestimate the power of small victories to lasting success.

Onboarding remote workers is just one of the challenges facing modern business. Business Centric Technologies can help your company get control of onboarding, starting with choosing the right new hire.