Recruiters will Drive Post-COVID IT Hiring Trends

by admin on May 14, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


At the earliest peak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, industries across the planet received a crash-course in remote working. Some industries thrived while others faltered. As the smoke clears, it’s becoming clearer that some IT hiring trends are here to stay. IT recruiter’s role in finding new talent is expanding beyond getting the right resumes to HR. Recruiters will drive post-COVID IT hiring trends.

Virtual Recruiting Will Stay

As tenuous as remote recruiting began, companies are getting the hang of end-to-end interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. As steep as the learning curve was, there was no mistaking the time and cost savings of the process. According to a recent LinkedIn poll, 81% of talent professionals agree virtual recruiting will remain post-COVID, while 70% say it will become the new standard.

Recruiters Drive Remote Work

Although remote work promises a more diverse talent pool, increased productivity, retention, and savings on salaries, there is a potential downside to workforce planning. IT recruiter’s advice for handling the new normal of remote work is becoming indispensable. As reflected in the LinkedIn poll, advising on workplace planning has become more important to 69% of talent professionals.

Top Skill Among Recruiters – Adaptability

COVID-19 has created challenges in recruiting at a breakneck speed. While some sectors experienced slowdowns, others witnessed unprecedented demand. Balancing demands for talent with the new ways recruits want to interact with businesses demands adaptability. According to the same LinkedIn poll, adaptability will be the top post-pandemic skill.

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