What’s Your Internal Talent Development Focus

by admin on May 21, 2021 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Intelligence, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


As companies begin to adjust to the “new-new normal” with productivity split between in-office and work-from-home employees, internal talent development will experience yet another evolution. As traditional talent development programs eroded during the pandemic, new systems evolved focused on a remote working model. Now, as illness rates decrease and vaccination rates increase across the U.S., a hybrid model is needed. Future State offers insights on Medium.com around internal talent development.

Vision, Values, and Goals

An internal talent development plan goes well beyond an HR checkbox. Developing your company’s vision, values, and goals for internal talent development (and most importantly, sharing them) is vital for success. When the parameters of success are defined, all invested parties, from management to employees, become stakeholders.

Find the Right Framework

Creating an end-to-end framework to develop your talent pool will pay long-term dividends. Developing a personnel infrastructure focused on diversity and a diverse talent pool will pay dividends for years to come. The right framework creates a reusable blueprint for recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right mix of people.

Where Are We Going?

Remember, only 50% of talent development belongs to the business. The other half belongs to its employees. Retaining highly capable personnel usually means more than high salaries and competitive benefits. People want to know they’re making a difference and how they will advance in their careers. Reframe your thinking – your business stands upon the pillars of individual careers. When people feel their career development is strong and stable, they’ll support your business.

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