When to Hire a Staffing Agency

by admin on July 17, 2020 in Ask a Recruiter, Business Trends, Dallas IT Recruiting


The past decade has provided businesses with dozens of online recruiting tools and platforms. Hiring managers have access to everything from recruiting websites to advertising platforms to social media outreach. With all of these resources just a few clicks away does it make sense to hire a staffing agency? Professional staffing agencies provide a much deeper service than simply filling seats. Staffing professionals have deep insight into the job market. For example, they know what your competitors are offering and can keep you competitive. They are also adept at filtering through applicants to find the right person for your job while saving you tons of time. When you hire a staffing agency you can and should expect these three things.

Market Insight

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew the current compensation plans for your industry? How about the outlook for future candidates? What are your competitors doing? This is the type of insight you can expect from your staffing agency. As you can see it is much more complicated than filling a cubicle and can help you avoid many pitfalls during the process.

Qualified Candidates

A professional staffing agency will have a broad network to pull applicants from and the expertise to filter out those who are not qualified. By the time a candidate is scheduled for an interview with you, they have been fully vetted. This saves employers countless hours of sifting through stacks of applicants.

Time is Money

As I mentioned above, your staffing professional will save you and your team a great deal of time during the recruiting process. It doesn’t end there. By delivering you highly qualified candidates they help you hire an employee who is a good fit. Employees who fit in well to your company culture tend to stick around, thus reducing your turnover. This allows you to focus your time on growing the business rather than getting bogged down in resumes.

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