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Most lucrative communication skills for the IT professional.

June 21, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Communication Systems, Dallas IT Recruiting


Communication skills are as important to IT professionals as technical skills. Every department needs to have effective communications, but it is even more important for those of us in IT. Our department interacts directly with every other department in an organization. Beyond that we also have touchpoints with our customers, vendors and partners. Here are […]


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What should you look for when reviewing resumes?

June 7, 2019 in Ask a Recruiter, Dallas IT Recruiting


Your recruiters have tapped their networks, completed a successful outreach program, and netted you a rather large stack of resumes to sift through. You want to be objective and fair in your evaluation, read elimination, process. How do you fairly evaluate your candidates’ resumes to ensure that unqualified applicants are quickly eliminated, and the cream […]


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